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January 27, 2010

Some flowers starting to appear.

The Narcissus have the most heavy, heady perfume.

I picked a few for the dining room and the whole place is full of the scent.

The Asphodels look very positive and gallant. Big  Strong plants.

There are lots of mini blue flag iris, sorry no photo.

January 27, 2010


January 27, 2010


Walk to Riogordo

January 27, 2010

Sunday was a lovely day for a walk over to Riogordo. A couple of views below, and one of many lovely old olive trees.

January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Lovely old olive tree


January 22, 2010

I have been harvesting some oranges this week.

One of my neighbours gave me an avocado tree a few months ago when he

re-planted his orchard with them. Of course his are about twice the size of mine.

He tells me its because I need to cut the orange tree down so the light can get to the avocado.

So I have been picking the fruit prior to the big chop.Just look at these, just like a bunch of grapes….okay not quite.

The leaves underneath are the avocado tree.

January 22, 2010

Guaro Zafarraya walk

January 18, 2010

Loads of pictures below of this gentle walk from Guaro. A small climb out of the village, but it  seems almost to be  on the level as we walk on the old railway track. A drop down into Cañuelo, so a climb up from the village for the return journey.  None of it difficult, about four to four and a half hours walking.

This route is part of the old railway track that ran from Malaga to Ventas de Zafrraya. The railway was used to transport the produce grown in the plains of Zafarraya to the markets in Malaga.

We started in Guaro, where you can see the fantastic waterfalls gushing from the mountains, flowing through the village. Beautiful.

Up onto the railway track  with the amazing views right down to the coast, and over the Mediterranean to Morocco, with the Rif mountains hazy in the distance. It was great to be looking at the Rif mountains one minute, then rounding a corner and see the Sierra Nevada.  Of course the photos don´t do it justice, but believe me those mountains are there.

Cañuelo is a great place to stop for lunch, but best to check it is open before you go. Once more, amazing views from the bar terraces.

In the village of Cañuelo, an old guy and his mulo, on his way home from picking olives. Great bit of electrical wiring so typical of our Spanish villages.

Lovely little bridge over the river to gain access to the Baños de Vilo. A sulphur spring bubbling up from the ground. Great water for skin complaints.